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7 Cool FREE Apps for Filmmakers

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7 Cool FREE Apps for Filmmakers

As smartphones have become major parts of our lives, so has its applications. Filmmaking applications do not fall short in the app store! These apps make it possible for us filmmakers to carry textbooks of information and equipment just in the palm of your hand. Here are our favorite FREE applications!

Kodak Cinema Tools

This app is an all-in-one bundle of essential filmmaking tools, whether you’re shooting on film or digital! It includes a variety of calculators, glossaries, and aspect ratio references all in this free app available on both iOS and Android.


For when you are syncing sound and video, DigiSlate is a digital clapperboard. Simply swipe across or press the volume button to clap the board. You can change information on the slate, such as: scene name, time of day, take, camera, FPS, and more. Right now this app is only on iOS.


Available on both iOS and Android, Celtx provides an easy way to write properly formatted scripts while on the go. It also allows you and collaborators to make comments to your scripts.

Celtx Shots

Celtx Shots helps create storyboards and assist with blocking, allowing users to virtually setup lights, actors, and props in a scene. These storyboards can then be shared with other users.

Parrot Teleprompter

Forget having to memorize a script or speech by having it roll right in front or your talent. Turn your iOS/Android phone or tablet into a portable teleprompter with this app. It can be used by itself on a smartphone or with the Parrot Teleprompter Kit. You can import/edit text, adjust its size, adjust its background, and control the scroll speed.


This simple app turns your iOS/Android phone or tablet into a greenscreen or bluescreen with tracking markers, helping your VFX team with screen replacements in post-production. Some other features include adjustable screen brightness and adjustable keyable tracking markers.

AJA Data Calculator

As the name implies, this app can be used to calculate how large your data will be based on different shooting scenarios. Used for both video and audio data, you can choose a variety of codecs and file formats.

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